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    Ahmet DOĞAN, I successfully completed my medical education at Istanbul University Capa Faculty of Medicine and received the title of Medical Doctor. I completed my specialization at Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital and became a General Surgery Specialist. I did my compulsory service at Mardin Midyat State Hospital. After my compulsory service, I continue my profession in my private clinic. At the same time, I continue my academic studies at Istanbul Atlas University as a member of dr. I have training and practices on invasive surgery, laparoscopy and robotic surgery.

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    Treatment Areas Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

    Application of the Intragastric Balloon has provided new non-surgical treatment options for patients who have previously failed attempts to lose weight through diet and exercise alone.

    The introduction of intragastric balloon therapy for overweight persons will enable patients to access a minimally invasive non-surgical approach to treating obesity and weight-related diseases. Overall, balloon application is an important aid in the battle to stop the obesity tide.

    Treatment Areas Stomach Botox

    The Stomach Botox weight loss program includes a suite of essential tools and resources to help people successfully maintain a healthy weight through lifestyle and health changes. Similar to the wrinkle injection, 200 units of botox will be injected directly into the stomach lining during endoscopy. This process takes 20 minutes and patients can go home after they are out of sedation.

    Gastric injection helps patients to start their weight loss goals quickly. If desired, patients can have this treatment every six months.

    Treatment Areas Sleeve Gastrectomy (Stomach Tube)

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a bariatric procedure that removes 75-80% of the stomach. It is currently the most commonly performed bariatric procedure in the United States and worldwide.

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery brings radical changes to life! Improved quality of life in general. Extreme weight loss of approximately 60-70% within a year after surgery

    It provides the improvement of obesity-related health conditions such as diabetes mellitus type II, hypertension, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, joint pain and hyperlipidemia. The desire to eat decreases. The feeling of hunger decreases.

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